Commited to Canine

Yevhen vom Bergblick - IPO3, KKL(a)-LIFE (V-rated in SHOW/ WORK

Yevhen is no longer in our breeding program but we have 3 of his daughters who are great dogs and we are lucky to have them.

Yevhen also gained the additional awards:

  • IPO1-1st Place
  • IPO2- 2nd place
  • IPO3 (4x)-1st Place- 98.94.99-291(V)
    Qualified for TEAM CANADA- FCI-2014

  • High in Tracking x3
  • High Obedience x3
  • High Protection x2
  • High in Trial x3

About Yevhen:

  • D.O.B. 11May10
  • CKC# XJ368098
  • Hips/Elbows - Clear
  • DNA tested for DM- N/A
  • Mother: ONDRA vom Essenbach (DEU)
  • Father: ZANDO vom Cap Arkona (DEU)-SchH3, WUSV competitor

Yevhen is an excellent young male that we have chosen to be our next main stud dog for our breeding program. He was bred by Gabi Hoffman and Lance Collins of “ vom Bergblick Kennels” and I can’t thank them enough for giving us this exceptional boy… Yevhen has all the traits we are looking for to breed with our wonderful females.
Yevhen has got super strong nerves and top level potential. His temperament is super steady and is confident in any environment. His desire to please me in his work is ever lasting and his character and personality make him a top dog to live with and also compete with. He is a large male, with strong pigment and strong bone. Both his parents are from Germany, his father is from the  well-known “vom Cap Arkona kennel” and  he was a member of TEAM CANADA 2010 with Lance handling him, which was held in Spain.
His vet work is complete showing excellent results with really deep, strong images of his hips and solid elbows. He received his BH title at a young age of 15 months and did very well with a free attitude on the field. I look forward to spending much more time working Yevhen  and competing with him in the years to come.
In the fall of 2012 I trialed Yevhen for his IPO1 under CAD judge Frank McEniry, he did an excellent job and received all the HIGH’s in the trial. Then a few weeks later, I travelled to New Jersey to get his IPO2 title under USA judge Karen MacIntyre. Despite terrible weather conditions, he still pulled a 97 pt tracking score and got high tracking for the trial.  We did very well there and now we must spend some serious time to get his ready for his IPO3.  I look forward to training him as it is always fun to be with him.
June 2013- We took Yevhen to the Ontario Regional Championship and received his breed survey (KKL(a) rating. We got a really great critique from German SV judge Erich Boesl.  We were extremely happy with this survey for Yevhen.  He is proving to be an exceptional sire and adding lots of great qualities to the breed.
Oct 2013- Yevhen did a fantastic job with his highest title (IPO3), He received 98.94.99-291 and V-rated in his work.  We couldn't be happier with him. We made a small mistake in obedience, but other than that, he gave us everything we expected from him.  I am very excited about finely tuning him so more before we hit the competition fields next year.  We got an excellent critique from SV Judge Bogdan Sergo and will take his ideas and use them to finely tune him for next year.  We would like to give some special thanks to Michael and Bart Bellon for their guidance with Yevhen this past year- We love you guys, and hope to see you in 2014.
Yevhen stands a great chance to be part of CANADA'S top scoring dogs for this country, we'll update you when we get the final results in. He is only 3 years old and has already proven to be an excellent all-round dog.  His puppies are second to none with superb temperament and character.  We look forward to starting his career with him at high levels.
UPDATE 2014- Yevhen has had an extremely great year. He has V-rated 2x in the working class show and his performance has reached new levels. At the Canadian National Championships, he received HIGHEST SCORING CANADIAN BRED DOG and also made a placement on TEAM CANADA.  Yevhen and I will go to Italy in 2015 to represent Canada at the WORLD UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.  What an opportunity this is... we really look forward to 2015 to see what it brings for us.  Stay tuned for updates on his progress.   

2015- Yevhen received his Breed Survey (KKL) rating for LIFE in the spring.  Then did awesome at the Ontario Regional Championships finishing with ONTARIO UNIVERSAL SIEGER award... This is so exciting for this young male.  
Unfortuately we lost YEVHEN in July 2016 to Heartworm.  We were training hard to get ready for the CAD National Championships and he was doing the best he had ever done,,, we were ready...   I lost him a week before we were to leave for the Nationals.  It was a great loss, this dog was special and I miss him everyday... I am SO happy to have several of his daughters in our breeding program that will keep his spirit alive forever....

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